I started working with this one amazing women a few years ago. We started downstairs, in her stunning and historical 6,300+ square foot home in Gladwyne PA, and worked our way up to the third floor where the her children's playrooms and kid friendly guest room are. The best part about working with the owner is that we share the same love for antiques, vintage furniture and up-cycling pieces to make them fun and one of a kind. So here is where is where I started...

My lovely client wanted a great space for her children to play in and a great guest room for kid-friendly sleep overs, so this is where I the Guest bedroom. The craft room and guest bedroom have a connecting door for easy access to both spaces, which is fabulous.

The children's guest bedroom was originally an office but the room was a bit too small for the large pieces of furniture and since the third floor of this beautiful home has 6 bedrooms we decided to move it to a larger room and use this cozier room for the kids. 


I started by creating Style Boards. This is always my first step and the perfect way to visually show the look I want to achieve. 

STYLE BOARD of the Guest room 

My client had these vintage bunk beds in her storage room and wanted to re-use them, an idea that I loved, so we decided to paint them. I found an inspiration photo and had the talent Re-painted Furniture by Lisa come in to paint and give a distressed look by using a special wax method she has mastered. 

And as you can see in the AFTER photos the bed (and the rest of the space) came out great! The wallpaper gives the room the glamorous vintage feel and the mixed with some modern pieces. I love the feel of this cozy guest room. 



This is the playroom when I started. My client had so many other projects to complete before she could make her way up to the playrooms that this room became a playroom/catch all for the kids stuff. 


This space is amazing, on the third floor, with lots of windows, sunlight and an amazing view. So this is the plan I can up with for the craft wall, after a couple revisions....

Design Boards. This is where the vision starts. 

And now it was time to get started on the fun stuff! Shopping and making. First my stylish client found a very cool and old bookcase on Craigslist. I had a local painter paint it [Re-Painted Furniture by Lisa] and a few other pieces. Then I went on to pull this awesome butcher block craft table together, I had Lisa paint the chairs gold and we re-covered them in faux sheep fur (wow)! My client had this amazing mirror frame in her basement that I though would make a great cork board to hang the kids art work and we also added a few more gold frames to hang more art work in. I love the glamorous look all while saying very kid friendly!

BEFORE [broken mirror frame and desk chairs]

Here is the craft table wall coming to life! There is a little more to go and once our custom window treatments come in [Urban Loft Window Treatments] I will put all the finishing touches on the room! 

The room is complete and I love the transformation. Its cozy, fun and glamours craft room for the children! I love all vintage pieces we re-used, they really make the room special. 



The first thing you want to think about are your storage and personal needs. Do you have a large book collection? Do you have lot of framed photos and art? Are you using your bookcase for storage and to display? These are all questions to think about before having a custom bookcase built! Why? Because you have options! 

If you need storage, think about adding doors or drawers to the bookcase. Also if you have art and decor to display you can decide on how tall and wide you want you shelves to be. {All photos via Pinterest}

Another great solution to keep your room looking decluttered is to put glass doors on your bookcase. This is great way to display but at the same time containing your stuff. You can use glass shelves with interior lights to display art or a solid shelf to put books on and the glass doors with keep your bookcases looking organized. This look is also great in the kitchen.

Lastly, you can create a bookcase that is in itself a piece of art and part of the display, a piece that is a focal point and adds some fun to your space. I love these bookcases with their fun shaped shelves! 



As and Interior Designer, I am always looking for new, fun and interesting ways to design a home. Here are some great ways to add a little something special to your space. 

Adding a wood ceiling is such a simple way to really make your space have that WOW factor! {All example photos via Pinterest}


Try a brick accent wall. It's not as hard as you may think. Use a (real) brick veneer, because its real brick, you will have the same dimension and texture as a full size brick but with an easier installation. 

Paneled Walls. If you have a lot of wall space to fill, try this. It is such sophisticated look plus simple to install and really gives adds character to a room. These ideas will make your home stand out from the rest! Have fun and think outside the box!



A small space is the perfect place to use a fun bold pattern. The smaller the pattern the busier the room will feel, so adding wainscoting and thick trim will help break up the pattern.  I also LOVE the idea of wallpapering the ceiling. How stylish!  {photo via Pinterest}.

Wall papering behind furniture and built in units gives dimension to a space. I love the idea of putting something beautiful behind shelving. It's a great place to add color and pattern

Wallpaper can also help update a more traditional space. The mix of this retro style print with a traditional shadow box wainscot and traditional furniture looks amazing! Modern and traditional mix, my favorite look. 


As a designer, I find that one of the biggest challenges my clients face is how to fill a blank wall. What do you put there? What are your options? WELL, let me show you with these Concept Boards I designed. Same room, different wall art options. 

First Concept Board I designed shows a picture ledge set up. This is great if you like to regularly change art.  I put fabric in some of the frames to add character and color to the space.


This Concept Board shows a clean look, wall gallery. Keep it simple with the same frame and black and white photos. This will help keep your space from feeling busy.


This Concept Board shows a fun vintage style collage with different size frames. I love the idea of using an old frame and putting modern art in it. It's a great way to balance old and new to achieve that eclectic look.


And Lastly, this Concept Board shows a large mirror over the sofa. You can never go wrong with a large mirror, not only are they beautiful, but they reflect all the light in the space making the room feel bigger and brighter. This is a great classic look that never fails or go out of style. It's also one of my favorites.

Designing wall spaces is one of my specialties. I can help you find fabulous art, use art you have or repurpose pieces you have to create a perfectly balanced space that has character and personality. Art is something special that should speak to you and something that you should love to look at and be surrounded by. 




Keep colors in the same color family.


Mix small prints with large prints


Add a solid color to break up the patterns